The Proverbial New Year Resolutions

I’ll admit it; I’m a bandwagon chaser. My personality makes me very passionate about things at warp speed, but then I either get distracted or move on to another form of inspiration.

I’ve always meant well when it came to these things. I would be chasing after several goals, aspirations, hobbies, with short-term vigor. The problem is, maintaining any of these things leaves me feeling overwhelmed and mourning the fact that I cannot do enough, be enough, learn enough to “really make a difference.” I’m a pessimist with optimistic tendencies.

However, I have decided that if I am going to view myself as a respectable human being, I need to improve on the follow-through. For this reason, I have decided to list my resolutions to keep myself both accountable and for the fact that typing these sort of things out is the first step toward making these official goals.


1) I want to start my own line of jewelry called Gypsy Genes Jewelry. The name may be debatable. To do this, I have to learn how to make jewelry. So the sub-category of this goal is

         a) I will learn how to use all the necessary jewelry tools to create pieces. I will scour the internet for cute beads and charms in bulk. I will create a Facebook page for my work. I will hopefully be successful.

2) I want to learn how to do watercolor sketches.

3) I want to get into at least one activity that will have me active daily

4) If something or someone is sucking the life out of me, I will be brave enough to let it go


Here’s to a well-intentioned New Year.